What is clipping?

In simple terms, audio clipping occurs when the volume is too high. In some cases, clipping may be heard as distortion when the audio is played back. In other cases, audio clipping can occur due to compression during encoding, for example when uploading a video to the internet.

How does clipping affect soundwave art?

When audio clipping occurs, the waveform takes on a characteristic flattened appearance at the peaks, where the top and bottom of the waveform are cut off.

Like this: -

Here’s the same audio waveform with no clipping:-

Here at Munki Magik we make sure every soundwave design we create, from any sound, voice recording or piece of music, has no audio clipping for a natural waveform shape.

In addition, whether it's a soundwave art print or a soundwave art mug, all our designs are playable with our free app. No QR or Spotify codes needed, just scan to play.

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