Soundwave Art

Your art, your way! Playable personalised sound wave art prints and mugs made with any sound. From favourite songs to voicemail messages or even your own composition, all our soundwave art is playable with our free smartphone app.

Soundwave Art Prints

Your custom soundwave can be as short as a single note or word, or as long as a Spotify playlist.

Personalise with your own image or we can create a design for you - be as involved (or not)
in the design process as you like! Either way, we won't print anything until you're 100% happy with the final version.

As soon as your finished soundwave gift is printed and ready to ship, we'll make it playable. Scan your print with any smartphone using our super easy-to-use free app to watch a video of your sound wave playing.

Soundwave Art Mugs

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What Is Soundwave Art?

There are a few different types of soundwaves. In the context of soundwave art, a soundwave, also known as a waveform or audio waveform, is a visual representation of sound. It shows the change in loudness of the sound over a period of time.

Soundwaves are usually displayed horizontally and can be as short as a single note or word, or as long as a song, or even a Spotify playlist.

Soundwave art uses the shape of the soundwaves produced by any given sound as a feature, with either a design custom fitted inside the soundwave shape, or otherwise using the soundwave shape as part of a larger design.

For more detailed info including example pics and videos, check out our blog post "What Is Soundwave Art?"

What Will My Soundwave Art Look Like?

Every sound or song creates its own unique soundwave shape; some suit images placed inside and others suit abstract designs or simple colours.

Request a FREE design mockup today by entering your email address at the bottom of this page and we'll be in touch soon, so you can try before you buy.