What we do

We use any sound to create interactive soundwave art prints, photo prints
and soundwave mugs that play linked audio/video files when scanned on any
smartphone with our free app. In addition to our interactive mugs we also have
a range of quirky mugs. We currently have a sale on our end-of-line jewellery

  • Soundwave Art

    We create personalised wall art prints with the unique soundwave shape of your voice, chosen musical piece or any sound you like. We fill it with colour or your design or image - the choice is yours.

    Soundwave Art 
  • Interactive Photo Prints

    Send us your voice recording or video along with a pic and we’ll scale your image to size and add your soundwave (optional). Then we have it printed and framed (optional) and link it to your audio/video clip which will play when your photo is scanned with any smartphone.

    Interactive Photo Prints 
  • Personalised mugs

    Personalised quirky mugs from just £5.99 with optional Augmented Reality voice message feature - just scan your mug on any smartphone using our super-easy-to-use free app to play your voicemail clip, recording or special song.

    Personalised mugs 

What is a soundwave?

A soundwave, also known as a waveform or audio waveform, is a visual representation of sound. It shows the change in loudness of the sound over a period of time. It can be as short as a single note or word, or as long as a song, or even a Spotify playlist.

Like this...

We create bespoke personalised designs for any occasion and offer unlimited artwork design time to make sure you're 100% happy with the final version before printing.

And with a little Munki Magik we make your gift playable with our free smartphone app.

No need for QR or Spotify codes, just scan your design to make it play.

Request your FREE soundwave art design mockup by entering your email below so you can try before you buy.