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Bespoke playable soundwave art, interactive photo prints and personalised quirky mugs for any occasion. We also currently have a sale on our end-of-line jewellery collection.

Scan your soundwave design to play it back with our free app, augment your photo with a linked video or enjoy a cuppa with your fave song or sound.

No need for QR or Spotify codes, just scan your design to make it play.

  • Soundwave Art

    Playable personalised wall art prints made with the unique soundwave shape of your voice, chosen musical piece or any sound you like. We fill it with colour or your design or image - the choice is yours.

    Soundwave Art 
  • Interactive Photo Prints

    Interactive photo prints use the latest technology to add sounds to your photo. Simply send us your voice recording or video along with a photo and we’ll link them together to create a uniquely immersive experience.

    Interactive Photo Prints 
  • Personalised mugs

    Personalised quirky mugs with an optional Augmented Reality (AR) feature. Scan your AR mug on any smartphone using our free app to play your special hidden message, voicemail, any sound recording or a special song.

    Personalised mugs 
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Fully personalised to your taste, we offer unlimited design revisions to make sure you're 100% happy with the final version before printing.

Request your FREE design mockup by entering your email below so you can try before you buy.

What is a soundwave? For more info check our soundwave art blog post.