What is soundwave art?

In order to answer this question, we first need to understand what a soundwave is.

What is a soundwave?

There are a few different types of soundwaves. In the context of soundwave art, a soundwave, also known as a waveform or audio waveform, is a visual representation of sound. It shows the change in loudness of the sound over a period of time.

Soundwaves are usually displayed horizontally and can be as short as a single note or word, or as long as a song, or even a playlist.

Like this: -

These 2 examples show a typical voice soundwave shape compared to a typical music soundwave shape - and here are the actual sounds used for both:-

How is soundwave art made?

Soundwave art uses the shape of the soundwaves produced by any given sound as a feature, with either a design custom fitted inside the soundwave shape, or otherwise using the soundwave shape as part of a larger design.

Thin soundwave shapes such as voice or heartbeat soundwaves typically suit a simple design like these examples of a cat purring and an ultrasound baby heartbeat soundwave.

Many song soundwaves have greater width which allows for images to be placed inside the soundwave shape. The music example we've used here features a prominent guitar, so we added a guitar pic to the soundwave shape - pic courtesy of Edward Eyer: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-playing-guitar-811838/

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Design options

Soundwave art designs are often displayed horizontally and sometimes in a circular pattern like this :-

Here at Munki Magik we make both types, and also create unique vinyl record style soundwave art designs :-

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